Immense Benefits Of Cardio Workouts

Amanda Cauchi, January 01, 2017
Immense Benefits Of Cardio Workouts

We all know that regular exercise is good for you. However, having to do a variety of workouts to get a spectrum of benefits can be time-consuming. Is there a workout that can provide numerous benefits at once? Yes, cardio can! Take a look at the benefits of cardio workouts.

1. Reduces fat

Who doesn't want to reduce fat? Cardio workouts are great measures for combating unwanted fat cells. This can be done through aerobic exercises, walking, running, swimming, cycling, dancing and more. What is great about cardio workouts is that there is enough variety of workout options for anyone looking to lose weight to participate in. Cardio workouts typically use intensity levels over periods of time to challenge the heart and lungs to use oxygen to sustain the body as a fuel source. The building of stamina also helps you to exercise for longer periods of time and contributes to more calories burned during the workouts.

2. Strengthens muscles

Muscle growth from cardio workouts is accomplished in both low and high-intensity workouts. Fibers in the muscle contract and twitch. This results in damage to the muscle fiber that is then repaired, resulting in muscle growth. Cardio also increases blood flow to help repair the damaged muscle quicker. Finally, improved blood circulation during cardio workouts nourishes muscles for increased stamina.

3. Improves brain and heart health

Are you looking for another way to improve brain and heart health apart from the typical vitamin taking methods? Studies have found cardio to improve brain health by impressively increasing the size of the brain area relating to verbal memory and learning. Like any other muscle, your heart needs exercise to strengthen it. This can be accomplished by using cardio workouts to increase your heart rate in a stretch of at least thirty minutes or longer. Doing so can reduce heart-related illnesses or failure.

4. Alleviates depression and supports sleep

A study found that cardio workouts can be just as effective for alleviating depression as anti-depressants. This can be due to a number of reasons such as a feeling of accomplishment, better body image, other related health experiences and more. Other studies have found that people, who regularly exercise, especially with cardio workouts, tend to have better sleep. It also helps that reduced depression supports a better quality of sleep too.

5. Additional benefits

Wonderfully, cardio workouts can still do so much more for your health when practiced regularly. The following is a list of additional benefits that cardio workouts can do for you.

  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Increase blood cells
  • Recovery for intensive training
  • Increase metabolism
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis, cholesterol, and high blood pressure
  • Maintains bone density
  • Improves mood and concentration

Go Out for a Run

Cardio workouts provide immense benefits for you! Some key areas include improving the heart, brain, muscles, sleep, and reducing fat and depression. Get out today and start using cardio to help improve your health!

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