Improve Fitness Results by Fixing Your Sleep Patterns

Vanessa Broadley, December 06, 2016
Improve Fitness Results by Fixing Your Sleep Patterns

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects of overall health and cognition, but so many people neglect the pull of drowsiness to clock in one more hour at work, the television, Internet or even the gym. While there seems to be a pervasive ideology within society that admonishes the value of hard work and pushing past one's limits, it's also important to nourish the body with rest so that is can perform to full capacity the next time it's challenged.

Getting the right amount of sleep can make the difference between feeling sluggish and energized for a workout, as well as other tasks throughout the day. If you've found that your sleeping patterns are off-kilter, consider adhering to these tips:

Prioritize Rest

Morning Alarm

Perhaps the most important element needed to acquire more sleep, is making it one of your top priorities. When we are in deep stages of sleep, our bodies actually perform better on a cellular level. The production of new protein flourishes and our bodies are invigorated with real growth. This growth is vital for the development of lean, strong, healthy muscles.

It doesn't matter how hard you workout, without proper sleep, your body won't be acclimating and making the changes necessary to be at its peak performance. Instead of only getting sleep when you can, make sure you commit to seven or eight hours of sleep each day, which is the recommended amount for an adult.

Morning Workouts

If you exercise late in the day, the excited state of your brain will make it harder to fall asleep when you need to. The best workout schedule for sleep health will revolve around workouts that are done in the morning or early afternoon. If you find you have trouble getting motivated to exercise in the morning, try playing some upbeat music at a high volume so that you get in the mindset for work.

Run Shoe

Lacing your sneakers, tying up your hair and putting on your workout sweats will serve as mental cues to get you in the mood for exercise. When you workout early, you should be imbued with energy and mental clarity that will dispel your drowsiness. Towards the end of the day, sleep should come easily.


Bathing Sea Salt

Try to make sleep a ritual. When you feel yourself getting drowsy, listen to your body and create an atmosphere that is conducive to comfortable sleep. A warm shower or bath before bed can help you feel sleepy as well as soothe fatigued muscles.

You don't have to wear pajamas and drink warm milk, but you should commit to a regular pattern of nightly behavior so that it becomes a habit. Make a point of going to sleep at the same time each night and getting up promptly at the same time. As much as you might want to watch an extra episode of The Golden Girls, staying up late will only throw off your circadian rhythm and force you to re-align it.

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