7 Tips for Surviving Holiday Food Binges

Amanda Cauchi, November 30, 2016
7 Tips for Surviving Holiday Food Binges

As you enjoy the holidays, you may be noticing all of the tasty temptations everywhere you look. There is nothing wrong with enjoying holiday food but many face the issue of having one too many tastes. Take a look at the following tips to help you overcome holiday food binging!

1. Limit Yourself

Eating is not about consuming more than what you need in order to stay connected with the group. Regular, modest eating prevents binging. Food is meant to nourish your body, not overfill it. Be aware of how you are feeling before, after, and during you eat. If you are feeling full or not very hungry, don't push it.

2. Gather Support

Numerous reasons can push you towards binge eating. This includes holiday blues, stressful family interactions, overdoing cheat meals, or perhaps mom's cooking is too good! Whatever the reason, have a support team ready to help you prepare and get through the holidays without falling into bad coping habits like binge eating.

3. Pep Talk

Encouragement is a key attribute to success! Pep talking promotes the feeling of being in control and feeling confident. A little self-esteem boost can make the difference between having one Christmas cookie or the whole box. Remind yourself that you are in charge and you got it!

4. Keep Busy

Being occupied with activities will keep your mind off an extra serving or desert. Dance to music or participate in conversations. Take a few minutes to walk; it will keep you away from extra food and works off calories! Party games can help pass the time by quickly too. Keeping yourself busy with distractions will also help allow your food to digest and give you more of a chance to feel full before digging into seconds or thirds.

5. Continue Good Habits

If you have been using techniques for eating habits, don't forget them during the holidays. Meal techniques can comprise of nutrition plans, journals, calorie counting methods, or anything else. Pushing off positive routines in the name of good spirits can steer you into developing old or unhealthy patterns.

6. BYO Food

It can be a good idea to bring your own food to the occasion. That way, you can ensure you are eating healthier and have options aside from greasy food or cake. It also helps relieve the pressure of feeling trapped into having to break good habits. Take control of your intake no matter where you are!

7. Exercise Patience

Do not fall into the mindset that you should automatically take seconds or more because you should in the name of holidays or because there is food left over. Take time to let your food digest and stomach settle. Giving your body time before shoving down more food will help you realize how full you really are. If your body feels like you have had enough, without waiting until the point of feeling like you are about to burst, put the plate down!

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